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Below are frequently asked General Questions

You do not have to register to browse and view talent profiles. There are certain features that are only available to registered users. Registered users also have access to a personal dashboard.
Membership subscription plans provide premium benefits and services, but you are not required to purchase a subscription plan.
Headshots must be professional and portray you in a positive and professional manner. We want you to represent your best. If we determine your uploaded headshot does not meet our professional standards, we reserve the right not to list your candidate profile and request that you upload a suitable headshot.
What makes unique is that we assign you a personal recruiter to assist with marketing your profile to prospective hiring managers. If you are not already represented by a registered recruiter, the portal will automatically assign you to an in-house recruiter.
If you are already working with a recruiter outside of and you would like to be represented by the specific recruiter, you will need to request the recruiter to register for a recruiter profile. Once your recruiter is registered with you will be able to select them as your listing recruiter during your candidate on-boarding process.
The hiring employer pays the talent placement fee listed on your candidate profile. Your recruiter will set the talent placement fee amount. Candidates will never pay a fee if they are hired.
If you signed up for the $99.00 premium membership you will be able to edit and cancel your profile by logging into your dashboard and notifying your recruiter. You will be able to edit your profile. Your listing recruiter can make the changes to your listing as well.

Below are frequently asked Recruiter Questions

The talent “finder’s fee” or direct hire fee will be listed on the talent profile page. You will need to log-in to view the talent fee. If you do not see a fee listed. You may contact me to discuss my fee.
Yes, if a client wants to move forward with making a job offer, we will conduct three reference checks and share the results with the client.
We will also conduct a drug screen, education verification, and background check for the hiring client.
You may contact me via email and I will gladly answer any questions you may have about my listing. is unlike any other job board.  The portal does not randomly post resumes. 

The portal is marketplace for hiring managers to search for candidates that have been pre-vetted and

qualified by experienced recruiters.

Unlimited Candidate Postings

Direct Access to Hiring Managers

Active Recruiter Directory

View Open Direct Hire Leads

Expedite Candidate Closing Process

View Recruiter Membership Benefits

Anyone can shop for free at but only premium recruiters membership members will receive additional benefits and a personal dashboard. 

Every listing recruiter marketing their candidates on the portal must agree to provide a 100% candidate placement fee refund if a candidate hired through our portal resigns or is released for cause within 60 days  If the candidate resigns or is released for cause after 60 days and up to 90 days, the recruiter will provide a no-fee candidate replacement.  In the event the recruiter is not able to locate a candidate within 30 days, 25% of the placement fee is returned to the client. 

After 60 days, eTalentShop will deposit 75% of the placement fee paid by the client to the recruiter.  The remaining 25% of the fee is paid to the recruiter after the 90-day candidate placement guaranteed has expired.   The fees paid by the client will be held in an escrow account until disbursed to the recruiter. 

The listing recruiter can set their talent placement fee under the following guidelines:

  1. $2500-$4500 Flat Fee (Typically used for entry level talent)
  2. A fixed fee that is 10%-20% of the candidate’s expected base salary offer

eTalentShop will collect 2.5% of the placement fee and the maximum we will collect per candidate hired through our portal is $250.00.   For Example:  A) Placement Fee = $10,000.  We will collect $250.00.  B) Placement Fee = $20,000 we will collect only $250.00.

If you are logged into the portal as a recruiter, you will be able to view job postings on your recruiter dashboard.  You will be able to submit your candidate’s profile directly to the hiring manager via the portal. 

No.  Once you enroll in a recruiter membership plan you may not cancel until the membership ending period which is 12 months from the membership enrollment date.

Below are frequently asked Candidate Questions

eTalentshop is the first e-commerce talent portal that connects hiring managers to talent listed by recruiters. Candidates listed on can list their candidate profile anonymously.
It is free to be listed as a candidate. For $99.00 per year, your candidate profile will be listed as a featured candidate and you will have your own personal candidate dashboard for easy editing and communicating with your recruiter.

Step 1 - Register for a Free or Premium Membership Account.

Step 2 - Log-in and complete your candidate profile.

Step 3 - Submit your profile and a registered recruiter will contact you within 48 hours to get you listed on the portal.