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eTalentShop is owned and operated by a team of recruiting and staffing industry professionals. We are the first to offer a quick and convenient e-commerce talent portal that connects hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates through a one of a kind talent shopping experience

Employers and Hiring Managers

  • Unlimited access to active and passive candidates 24-7 at no cost.
  • View pre-vetted talent screen by experienced recruiters
  • Immediately reserve candidates and schedule interviews through etalent registered recruiters
  • Flat Fee Pricing on all direct hire listings
  • Hire candidates through a secured check-out portal
  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee on eTalentShop direct hire candidates

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  • List and promote talent profiles to hiring managers 24-7
  • Discreetly market passive candidates
  • Upload video interviews and e-skills assessment results
  • Share your talent listing profiles on social media channels
  • Access job orders posted by our members

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  • Work with an experienced recruiter who will market and promote your talent profile
  • Confidentially explore job opportunities
  • Upload work samples, resumes, photo galleries, and more on our robust talent portal

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